A pypdf release contains the following artifacts:

Who does it?

pypdf should typically only be released by one of the core maintainers / the core maintainer. At the moment, this is Martin Thoma.

Any owner of the py-pdf organization has also the technical permissions to release.

How is it done?

The release contains the following steps:

  1. Update the and the via python This also prepares the release commit message

  2. Create a release commit: git commit -eF

  3. Tag that commit: git tag -s {{version}} -eF

  4. Push both: git push && git push --tags

  5. CI now builds a source and a wheels package which it pushes to PyPI. It also creates a GitHub release.

The Release Tag

  • Use the release version as the tag name. No need for a leading “v”.

  • Use the changelog entry as the body

When are releases done?

There is no need to wait for anything. If the CI is green (all tests succeeded), we can release.

I (Martin Thoma) typically only release once a week, because it costs a little bit of time and I don’t want to spam users with too many releases.