API Reference

Method / Function Docstrings

We use Google-Style Docstrings:

def example(param1: int, param2: str) -> bool:
    Example function with PEP 484 type annotations.

      param1: The first parameter.
      param2: The second parameter.

      The return value. True for success, False otherwise.

      AttributeError: The ``Raises`` section is a list of all exceptions
        that are relevant to the interface.
      ValueError: If `param2` is equal to `param1`.

        Examples should be written in doctest format, and should illustrate how
        to use the function.

        >>> print([i for i in example_generator(4)])
        [0, 1, 2, 3]
  • The order of sections is (1) Args (2) Returns (3) Raises (4) Examples

  • If there is no return value, remove the ‘Returns’ block

  • Properties should not have any sections

Issues and PRs

An issue can be used to discuss what we want to achieve.

A PR can be used to discuss how we achieve it.

Commit Messages

We want to have descriptive commits in the main branch. For this reason, every pull request (PR) is squashed. That means no matter how many commits a PR has, in the end only one combined commit will be in main.

The title of the PR will be used as the first line of that combined commit message.

The first comment within the commit will be used as the message body.

See dev intro for more details.