Taking Ownership of pypdf

pypdf is currently maintained by me, Martin Thoma. I want to avoid that pypdf ever goes unmaintained again. This document serves as a guide to avoid that if I become unavailable, e.g. due to severe health issues.

This currently is just an abstract scenario. I’m fine and I will likely do this for several more years, but I have seen how projects stand still for many years because of the maintainer becoming inactive.

I’ve also followed the GitHub Deceased User Policy and added a pre-designated successor.

What belongs to pypdf?

The resources needed for maintaining pypdf are:

When may somebody take ownership?

No activity in 180 days: If I don’t answer e-mails (info@martin-thoma.de) and don’t make any commits / merges for half a year, you can consider pypdf “not maintained”.

Who may take ownership?

Preferably, one of the owners of the Github py-pdf organization takes care of that.

From my current perspective (Martin Thoma, 27th of August 2023), the following people might be candidates:

  • Lucas-C: He maintains fpdf2 and is a py-pdf owner

  • pubpub-zz: He is the most active contributor to pypdf

  • Matthew Peveler: Less active, but he is very careful about breaking changes and an experienced software developer.

  • exiledkingcc: He has contributed the core changes related to encryption.

How to take ownership?