Source code for pypdf.annotations._base

from abc import ABC

from ..constants import AnnotationFlag
from ..generic import NameObject, NumberObject
from ..generic._data_structures import DictionaryObject

[docs]class AnnotationDictionary(DictionaryObject, ABC): def __init__(self) -> None: from ..generic._base import NameObject # "rect" should not be added here as PolyLine can automatically set it self[NameObject("/Type")] = NameObject("/Annot") # The flags was NOT added to the constructor on purpose: We expect that # most users don't want to change the default. If they want, they # can use the property. The default is 0. @property def flags(self) -> AnnotationFlag: return self.get(NameObject("/F"), AnnotationFlag(0)) @flags.setter def flags(self, value: AnnotationFlag) -> None: self[NameObject("/F")] = NumberObject(value)
NO_FLAGS = AnnotationFlag(0)